Thursday, March 17, 2016

Your Excuses are Holding You Back

Levitt & Associates, Inc. brings attention to the quality of your excuses...

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"I'm just too busy right now..." 
"This is the way it has always been...."
"I wouldn't know where to start...."

We have all said something along those lines.

Consider though, that the quality of your excuses determines the quality of your life.

More often than not, at the core of our excuses and resistance to taking action is fear. This could be the fear of failing, fear of being rejected, or fear of not being good enough. No one wants to look foolish or mess up. Our fears stem from our natural instinct to protect ourselves from pain. 

To live a fulfilling life, risk is necessary - the risk of rejection, the risk of failure, the risk of pain.

We look for excuses to justify our inaction. That is, it's human instinct to go so far as to actively seek out evidence to support the validity of opinions and we avoid, ignore and discredit anything that might be contradicting. 

Don't let your fears and self doubts own you. "Don't give your excuses the power to stop you from doing whatever it takes to transform your life into one that inspires you." - Margie Warrell

Your life experiences are limited or optimized by your willingness to let go of your excuses, dream bigger and live boldly. 

How to overcome your excuses:

  • Set your goals. 
  • Write down the excuses you've made in the past and write what limitations those excuses have set on your life experiences so far. 
  • Seek evidence that challenges the validity of your excuses. 
  • Set measurable mini goals toward your big goal. 
  • Commit to your goals. 

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