Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 Ways to Alter Your Resume for a Position

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares an article on how to alter your resume for various associate positions...

The information you present in your resume should reflect the job description of the position available.

Save your core resume to your computer.  This version will be a basic resume including your background, accomplishments, education, skills, etc.  This document will include everything, but will not be submitted.  

Here are 3 ways to alter your resume for a position:

1. Read and re-read the description.
Many candidates read through the description once and forget about what the firm is truly looking for once they've begun the submission process. It's best to print the description and refer back to it often to know what they are looking for.This will enable you to tailor your resume for the specific position. The hiring partner will be impressed that you not only understand the job requirements but also that you already have the experience and will be sure to have a smooth transition.  

2. List your relevant accomplishments, skills, etc.
Read through the description and take note of any and all applicable required degrees, experience and/or skills listed.

3. Mix & Match
Customize your resume to include your experience, accomplishments, and skills using key words relevant to the law firm's search. By doing so, the hiring partner will be able to see that you are taking the opportunity seriously and that you pay attention to detail.

At Levitt & Associates, your recruiter will work with you in revising your resume to increase your chances of landing the interview. 

Levitt & Associates, Inc.