Thursday, December 1, 2016

10 Signs You are Ready for a New Job

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares 10 signs you are ready for a career move...

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1. You don't want to go to work. Not only because your bed is just far too comfortable, but because you genuinely don't like being at work.

2. You're bored. Once upon a time, you were passionate about even the little things. Now the thought of sitting at your desk makes you want to take a nap. You crave a challenge, but not one in your current position.

3. Nothing excites you... even a raise. If you were given a $10,000 raise and still wouldn't be happy driving to work in the morning, it's time to move on.

4. You search the internet all the time. And it's not for work-related purposes.

5. You procrastinate. You were once the first in and the last out, that spark has faded and somehow you are now the last in and first out. You sit at your desk and avoid your work at all costs. If you run out of menial ways to avoid your to do list, you watch time tick on the clock.

6. You take advantage of every sick day available.

7. You don't like the people in your office. You don't have to celebrate every colleague's birthday with them, but life at the office is improved if you like and respect your team.

8. You are not performing to the best of your abilities. Move on.

9. You no longer take pride in your professional appearance. You don't feel the need to brush your hair and your clothes aren't ironed (you haven't taken them to the cleaner's in some time).

10. You are reading this blog.

It's time for a career change. It's time to meet with a recruiter.

Everything in life will seem a little brighter when you find a job that you are truly happy with. When you feel enabled to achieve your professional and personal goals, your life can only change for the better. 

Levitt & Associates, Inc.