Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tell Me About Yourself

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares an article on how to ace your interview...

More often than not, the first question in any interview is "Tell me about yourself." 

Such a basic and broad question may lead you to say something too short or leave you rambling.

If your answer is too short, you may seem unprepared. If your answer is too long, you may be at risk of talking your way out of the job.  Answer the question to the point and if the interviewer has further questions, they will ask. 

The team at Levitt & Associates, Inc. would like to share a segment from an article posted on The Muse by Lily Zhang on how to answer, "Tell me about yourself:"

"This completely open-ended opportunity to talk about yourself throws a lot of people off. Worse, it’s usually the first question interviewers ask! The confusing part about this question is that it actually isn’t an invitation to tell your life story. The interviewer really just wants to know why you’re interested in this position and what makes you qualified.
One way to structure this answer is to start with your present, go into your past, and finish off with your future. This approach covers all your bases by answering the question, giving you an opportunity to talk about your relevant skills, and getting to what the interviewer genuinely wants to know: How are you going to perform in this position? Remember to focus your experiences and accomplishments on what’s most relevant to the position and the employer."

Levitt & Associates, Inc.