Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Make Networking a Way of Life

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares why networking should be a way of life...

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When was the last networking event you attended? Most people network on occasion and usually for a specific purpose. Those who excel at networking make it a part of their lifestyle. The idea is "give a little, get a little." 

Network IS:
A verb. Active, ongoing pursuit that requires commitment.
A process. Results take time and consistency.
A two-way street. The best networkers understand that it is a give-and-take relationship and often help people more than they are helped. What goes around, comes around.
An opportunity. The business contacts you make can change your career and can change your life.
An investment. It takes time and energy but the return on investment consists of much more than the fun you will have.

Network is NOT:
A noun. Yes, you will have a valuable database of contacts. What you DO with those contacts is what matters.
An occasional activity. It becomes truly effective when it is a part of your lifestyle.
Sales. Your goal is not to sell everyone you meet, but instead to build real relationships.

Rocket Science. It is not hard to do. Anyone at any stage in their profession can build strong relationships through networking. 

Take the time to build relationships, build a solid reputation, and help others to achieve success. Your return on investment will be much greater than you thought.