Tuesday, September 15, 2015

9 Words You DON'T Want to Say in Your Interview

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares 9 words to avoid saying in your job interview...

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  1.  "No." - Avoid one word answers (yes or no). If asked whether you are familiar with a specific case and your answer is no, demonstrate your willingness to research it with a follow-up statement.
  2. "Um..." - You may need a minute to think of your response. If you politely ask for a minute to gather your thoughts on the subject, interviewers will be courteous to your silence. However, if you fill that time with "Uh" and "Um," you may seem unprepared.
  3. "Sure, cool, kinda" - Steer clear of casual words and slang terms that may require an Urban Dictionary search. Your goal is to form the impression that you are polished and professional.
  4. "Leverage, synergy, ideation" - Avoid too much business jargon. When you are using the word correctly, it may leave the impression that you are pretentious. And if you use the word incorrectly, you might embarrass yourself.
  5. "Hit the ground running," "Circle back" - Avoid clich├ęs. They have come to be known as verbal fluff and do not add value to what you are saying.
  6. "Dedicated, motivated, team player" - Every resume your interviewer has seen uses these words. Instead of simply stating that you are, offer stories demonstrating that you are.
  7. "We" - While you may be a team player, use "I" in the interview. The interviewer is interested in the work that you were responsible for, not your team.
  8. "Hate" - Avoid this negative word at all costs. It is inappropriate to say you hate something in a job, especially someone and interviewers will only see your negativity.
  9. "Perfectionist" - Do shine an optimistic light on your "weakness." Don't answer that you are a perfectionist, that you work too hard or care too much. They've heard it all before. Be original and honest.  

Levitt & Associates, Inc.