Friday, July 1, 2016

7 Words to NEVER Put on Your Resume

Legal Recruiters at Levitt & Associates, Inc. share 7 words to keep OFF of your resume...

The following words demonstrate a lack of effort, leadership and confidence:

1. "Hopefully"
Double check your resume, cover letter, and online presence to delete this word. You are a confident individual who uses language that projects confidence. 

2. "Professional"
Clearly, you conduct yourself in a "professional" manner, nearly everyone describes how they conduct themselves this way.  Demonstrate your creativity and imagination to find new ways to answer their question. 

3. "Implemented"
"Implemented" implies that you followed someone else's lead.  The only time this word is accepted is when it is preceded by "planned and...".

4. "Team Player"
Show that you are a team player without using the words "team player."  Get creative and provide information about how your team was successful or how you enjoy taking on a mentor position. 

5. "Attempted"
This is not the place to share what you wanted to do.  This is the place to share concrete information on what you did. 

6. "Assisted"
Leaders are desired.  The interviewer is more impressed to know that you were the one being assisted.  They want to know what you achieved, how you achieved it and the size of the team you led in the process. 

7. "Approximately"
If you don't know, its best to find out.  If you do know, this is where you display your confidence.