Thursday, September 1, 2016

7 Things You Should NEVER Do in an Interview

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7. Don't be late. Keep Murphy's Law in mind, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." Your car may break down or your alarm clock may be set for 6 pm instead of 6 am, derailing your scheduled day. Give yourself plenty of time to be in the vicinity early, stop for a coffee and review your notes, then head into the building about 15 minutes early.

6. Don't show up unprepared. Know about the firm you are meeting with. Research how long they've been in business, where their offices are, their mission statement, etc.

5. Don't ask about the salary, benefits or perks. The initial interview is not about what the firm can do for you, instead share what you can do for the firm. Ask about the job and what your responsibilities would be. Make them feel that you are the best fit for that job and share your previous successes relating to the expected responsibilities.

4. Don't focus on the future, focus on the job at hand. The initial interview is not the time to ask about advancement opportunities. Show your interest for the job you are there to interview for.

3. Don't turn the weakness question into a positive. At least, not in the usual way. For example, don't say you work too hard and care too much about what you do. Instead, be honest about a real weakness of yours but add a spin, "Math is not my strong suit, however knowing that, I take my time and always double check my work with numbers." This shows that you are honest, thorough and responsible.

2. Don't lie. If you get through the interview with exaggerated half-truths, your performance on the job will show that you are not equipped to handle the job you were hired to do. Save yourself the embarrassment.

1. Don't ask if there is any reason you shouldn't be hired. The misguided advice that some career experts provide can lead the interviewer to focus on what's wrong with you; that's not the lasting impression you want to leave them thinking about.    

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