Monday, September 11, 2017

Creating Positive Work Relationships

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares 6 types of people that drain your energy and how to protect your health...

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The quality of our relationships has an effect on our health. You may have noticed that certain people make you feel more energized or calm while others seem to drain you of all your energy.

The following is a list of the type of people to keep your eye out for and suggestions for protecting your health:

  • The Sob Story. This person seems to always have a "poor me" attitude and whines to anyone who will lend an ear. Limit your time with this energy-draining person and say "I'm sorry, I can only talk for a few minutes," and continue with your work.
  • The Drama Addict. A minor incident is blown out of proportion by this person. Someone sneezes and all of the sudden, rumor in the office is that H1N1 is going around. Practice patience and limit your time with this person. Maintain a level head when listening to their stories and don't be sucked into the drama. It's strange how they can have near-death experiences every week.
  • The Chit-Chatter. This person is only concerned with themselves and has no regard for you or your feelings. At first, they may seem entertaining. Then the constant talking does not stop and you get tired. You take a step back and they step closer to you. Know that this person does not respond to body language cues. You have to speak up and politely excuse yourself from the conversation, "I'm sorry, I really have to get back to my desk now."
  • The Fixer Upper. This person heads straight to your desk to desperately plea that you solve their problems... all the time. You become her therapist and they take up all your free time. Do not fall into the trap. You need your free time. Share your empathy but resist the urge to offer advice. Instead, show your support and say, "I'm confident you'll find the right solution." If they persist, consider sensitively suggesting they speak with a qualified professional for help.
  • The Blamer. This person cuts you down and always has a negative comment to make. They may feel more powerful if they can make you feel guilty or that your work on a project was lacking. Apply that 4th grade lesson, "I'm rubber and you're glue," theory. Imagine a shield of sorts that protects you from their negative remarks. Your shield keeps you sane and their constant negativity cannot deplete you.
  • The Bully. Some people are just vindictive. They cut you down and have no consideration for your feelings. Remember that these people tend to be wounded and do not take their mean remarks personally. Remove them from your life whenever possible.    

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