Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Why Should I Hire You?"

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares how to answer one of the most important interview questions...

You've made it through the interview and one of the final questions is asked, "Why should I hire you?"

The question's basis is threefold:

1. Do you have a firm understanding of the skills required to do the job? Take this time to go beyond "I'm a hard worker." Key into specifics. Review the requirements listed in the job description as well as points in the interview then explain how you meet and exceed those requirements.  

2. Will you be committed to the job? Some people want a job, any job; others want a career; you want a career at this firm and here's why _________. Answer the follow-up question of, "why do you want to work here?" before they ask it. After all, one of the reasons they should hire someone should be because they want to be there.

3. Will you be a good fit with the firm? Are you a team player? Are you easy to manage?  Conclude this three-point answer with a statement that says you work well with others, you easily adapt to situations and changes, and your supervisors and colleagues would speak highly of you.  

Levitt & Associates, Inc.