Monday, July 3, 2017

Reinventing Yourself

Levitt & Associates, Inc. shares 3 tips to reinvent yourself in your new career...

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Sometimes you are ready for a change - a big change, one where a new hairstyle just wouldn't cut it. You may be ready for a new career.  

You can't change your wiring. It's best to think of this self-project as "repackaging", or what I like to call "reinventing" yourself. Your chances of happiness and success increase when you know exactly what you like and what your strengths are. Make a list of everything you enjoyed in your previous positions. Be sure to make note of the things that you excelled at. 

Step by step process. Reinventing yourself won't happen overnight. Start small and know your end goal. Set measurable mini-goals along the way and celebrate each achievement. You are on your way to becoming the you you've always wanted to be. 

Full-time commitment. Switching to a different field means you are starting from scratch. You can expect the same long hours you had in your first career. Luckily, you are doing what you love and you're doing it for you. The return on investment is far greater when you are doing what makes you happy. 

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