Monday, October 2, 2017

Perspective on Placement Fees

Levitt & Associates, Inc shares its point of view on placement fees...

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It's true, law firms may not need assistance from a recruiter in order to hire the best talent on-the-market but what would you say the difference is between on-the-market and in-the-market?

The best talent in-the-market are likely the attorneys who are not actively searching for a new position. They may be perfectly content in their careers.

Recruiters are able to engage with top talent and inform them of a clients' search for someone with their skill set and experience.

In addition, recruiters are privy to inside information about top attorneys who require their job search to be private due to a number of reasons.

Recruiters search ahead of the need. We recruit for a position before it becomes available. We build relationships with candidates and are able to identify the best and the brightest and we can identify which candidates have the greatest potential.

The recruiter fee is pennies in comparison to the cost realized in salaries paid to an average performer. Recruited talent generates profit through superior performance. 

Levitt & Associates, Inc.

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